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(WARNING: This may take several minutes to complete.)

Finding parallel texts

Enter the text you want to find parallels in the textfield above.

The following options are available:

  • How many times to search?
    The text will be split into as many parts as indicated here and for each of these parts a search will be executed and the results will be consolidated. Alternatively the text can be split at a linebreak (newline).
  • Consolidate by
    The search results will be grouped together either by paragraph or by juan. Alternatively "None" can be selected to do no consolidation.
  • Cutoff value
    The search results will be scored against the source text; the score values are between 1.0 for identical strings and 0.0 for completely different strings. Results with scores less than the cutoff value will be ignored.
  • Include branches
    By default only the master branch is used for scoring. Check here to include also other versions.